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Canadian Snowbirds Delaying Fla. Visits Until COVID-19 Eases

September 17, 2020

Lambiance – Pelican Bay – Naples, FL – I saw this article in my trade e-mail this morning and wanted to share it with you.

Travel decisions for our Canadian snow birds likely are contingent on how much longer the U.S.-Canadian border remains shut or if Florida’s COVID-19 cases rise or fall in the next few months.

Source: Canadian Snowbirds Delaying Fla. Visits Until COVID-19 Eases

As I read this article, I thought about L’Ambiance’s Canadian owners and our Canadian renters who return to us. Until Canada reopens the boarder to the U.S., they won’t be visiting. I haven’t seen any stats about the lack of European visitors this summer as of yet.

The Naples Board of Realtors July Stats showed a decrease of -3.2% in Naples Beach Area condo median closed sale price.  You can view the full report just click here —- report. Just scroll down to the Naples Beach stats on page 17.  All and all I’d say the market is doing pretty good considering we are in a pandemic.

L’Ambiance’s palm trees were trimmed this and the coconuts were removed. This made for some pretty interesting sounds. I’m always happy to see the coconuts down before a hurricane. I can just picture a storm slamming them into a window.  Our Hong Kong Orchid trees were also trimmed too.

Trimmed Palm Trees

Trimmed Hong Kong Orchid

Trimmed Hong Kong Orchid

Trimmed Palms in L’Ambiance


So, how have you been managing through the pandemic? Don and I have pretty much stayed close to home. We usually do quit a bit of entertaining but that has stopped. We find ourselves virtually entertaining on Skype or Zoom now. We hope you and your families are all safe and healthy.

Downing Frye’s office has moved! Our new office is in the Galleria on Vanderbilt at:

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