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Summit Fiber Optic Project Completion

December 3, 2016

LAmbiance – Pelican Bay – Naples, FL –  It’s been a busy time here in L’Ambiance lately with the installation of the Summit Broadband ONT boxes in our coach homes.  This project finished last week. Now all of L’Ambiance has fiber optic cable into their units.  This gives all Residents 100 by 100 MPBS service that can go up to a gigabyte service at an Owner’s option. It also replaces the coax cable and telephone wire that was deteriorating under the units because they ran through conduit that was often filled with water. This caused distorted signals and signal loss.  The change to Summit fiber optics in our units should result in a decrease in service calls. A big thanks goes out to all Residents for helping us complete this project.

Our pool project finished the beginning of the fall.  Our pool and hot tub were resurfaced. Brown tile now replaces the green tile border we previously had on our pool and hot tub.

New brown border around LAmbiance pool.

New brown border around LAmbiance pool.







Brown tile border around LAmbiance hot tub

Brown tile border around LAmbiance hot tub










L’Ambiance is looking good, isn’t it?  More Residents are returning to their L’Ambiance units as evidenced by the activity in our neighborhood.  I hope everyone is enjoying their time in L’Ambiance.

The real estate market was slow over the summer.  I expected the market to perk up after the Presidental election but I haven’t seen that happen as of yet.  Each day I take a look at the MLS hot sheet for Pelican Bay and I see more and more price reductions coming through. I also have been seeing more expired listings pop up.  Our low rise inventory has risen also. We currently have an absorption rate of just over 8 months. I am beginning to think that we will see a slight downward shift to the market.

Are you thinking of selling your LAmbiance home?  Please give me a call.  I have a list of buyers who are looking for specific units in LAmbiance.  I’d be happy to discuss not only the pricing in LAmbiance but the pricing for low-rises in Pelican Bay and low-rises in Naples to see how your unit fits into the equation.

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