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Which listing price is better – $200K or $199K?

August 12, 2016

LAmbiance – Pelican Bay- Naples, FL –  I saw this article this morning and just had to click on it……..

Source: Which listing price is better – $200K or $199K?

When I list a property I always use the 9’s approach. Why? My price strategy is to attract as many qualified potential buyers to my listing.  When a Buyer or a Realtor® searches for a property on-line they will normally put in a price range. Let’s imagine you are a Buyer searching for properties for sale in Pelican Bay between $400,000.00 – $600,000.00. Some computer programs will give you results between $400,000.00 – $599,999.99.  You’d have to do a separate search for $600,000.00 and higher to find properties listed at $600,000.00. If a Seller is listed with the 9’s approach, his listing would come up in the first search.  Wouldn’t you want your home found on the first search?

Are you thinking of selling your LAmbiance home?  Please give me a call.  I have a list of buyers who are looking for specific units in LAmbiance.  I’d be happy to discuss not only the pricing in LAmbiance but the pricing for low-rises in Pelican Bay and low-rises in Naples to see how your unit fits into the equation.

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