LAmbiance Real Estate Activity

LAmbiance – Pelican Bay – Naples, FL –  Have you been wondering what is happening in the real estate market in LAmbiance?  It’s been a busy year, not only for LAmbiance but also for Pelican Bay.

Every once in a while I receive a postcard in the mail from a Realtor® listing real estate activity in LAmbiance.  This card can give you a quick glance at prices; however you are not able to see photos of the units or all the information on the units.

In my LAmbiance blog,  I provide a link to the real estate activity in LAmbiance like this: Click here for: LAmbiance real estate activity. Clicking on this link will give you more information than you will ever obtain from a postcard.  Once you click on the above link, this is what you will see:

LAmbiance Real Estate Activity

I thought you might like to have an explanation of how you get to see the photos and full listing information, including the list price and the sales price of all the listings.

If you want to see full size photos of the listing, click on the icon that looks like a photo. You’ll be taken to a screen that looks like this:

Full photo shot

You can’t see it very well in this photo but there is a carrot symbol > in the middle right and left hand sides of the photo that allow you to scroll through all the photos.

When you are at the original list, you can click on the ML# to be taken to a full information sheet on the listing which will show the sales information.  It will look like this:

Full Information sheet

Note: The sales price list is on the right hand side under the MLS number.  The gray vertical bar on the right hand side of the page allows you to scroll up and down for more information.  If there is a virtual tour for the listing, you will see a link you’ll be able to click on to view the tour.

The letters A, P, PC and S to the right of the MLS# indicate if the listing is Active, Pending, Pending with Contingencies or Sold.

As of today, we have 7 Active listings in LAmbiance showing an average of 123 days on the market.  14 Sales have been reported in LAmbiance showing an average of 55 days on the market. 

The average days on the market for LAmbiance’s active listings does concern me a bit.  As of today in Pelican Bay, there has been 101 Low-Rise listing sold with an average market time of 57 days and an average price of $545,117.00. 

What does this mean? In the past when I have seen market times rise, it usually means that properties are plateauing or overpriced.  I am closely watching market times in relationship to the scarcity of inventory. As of today, there are only 26 low rise listings on the market in Pelican Bay. Scarcity of inventory is certainly helping prices rise.

I hope you find all this information helpful. I try to provide as much useful real estate information to our neighborhood as I can.  If you could care to comment, just click on the comment link at the bottom of this blog entry.

If you are planning on selling your LAmbiance unit, please give me a call at 239-594-2780 or e-mail me at

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Please note that I receive no compensation for mention of any businesses or events.

About the author:

Lynn Wilber is a Real Estate Professional who lives in Pelican Bay. Her 37 years of real estate experience and her area expertise have been valuable resources to Pelican Bay Sellers and Buyers. For more information, please contact Lynn Wilber via e-mail at or call 239-594-2780.

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