LAmbiance Board of Directors Election Results

LAmbiance – Pelican Bay – Naples, FL – Last night saw LAmbiance’s annual meeting with its Board of Directors Election.  I must say we had a packed house Thursday night over at our meeting room in the Community Center.  This is one of the first elections I can remember that there were challengers running against all the current Board members. A suggestion was made at the meeting that LAmbiance work toward changing its by-laws so that the Board of Directors have staggered terms of office so that a Director with experience will always be in office as new Directors take over.  I heartily agree with this change.  Our Board Members handle a variety of issues for us and I do think it is a good idea to stagger the Directors terms of office.


  • Garden One – E. J. Eckert
  • Garden Two – Charles Gallon
  • Coach Homes One – Don Wilber
  • Coach Homes Two – Jerry Moffatt
  • Director at Large – Linda Roberts

In addition to serving as a Director, Charles Gallon serves at LAmbiance President, Jerry Moffatt serves at LAmbiance Treasurer and Linda Roberts will be serving as LAmbiance Secretary.

We also had an Operations Manager from the Pelican Bay Services Division, Marion Bolick, discussing the algae in LAmbiance’s lake and other lakes in Pelican Bay. (Please remember that LAmbiance does not own the lake, it is owned and cared for along with 43 other lakes, by the Pelican Bay Services Division.)  Mr. Bolick has been with PBSD for 8 months. What I took away from his discussing was that since we can no longer use copper sulfate to control the algae because it is causing high copper sulfate readings in the mangroves, PBSD is having a heck of a time trying to find something that will work in controlling the algae. There will be a meeting of the Pelican Bay Services Division on Wednesday, April 1st at the Community Center at 1:00 PM.   If you have questions about the algae growth in the lake, you can attend this meeting to bring up your concerns and questions.

It’s been an incredible busy season in LAmbiance.  Kudos to our Board members, our Community Association Manager, Christopher Schroeder and our Maintenance Supervisor, Jimmy Ferraiulo for keeping LAmbiance running smoothly and a beautiful place to live!

Dryer vent cleaning began on March 24 – March 30th. Hopefully you made arrangements for someone to give access to the vent cleaners.  Here’s the schedule for March 30th:

  • Bldg 1700 9-11 AM
  • Bldg 1800 9-11 AM
  • Bldg 1900 10AM – Noon
  • Bldg 2000 10AM – Noon
  • Bldg 2100 1-3 PM
  • Bldg 2200 1-3 PM
  • Bldg 2300- 2-4 PM
  • Bldg 2400 3-5 PM

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Lynn Wilber is a Real Estate Professional who lives in Pelican Bay. Her 37 years of real estate experience and her area expertise have been valuable resources to Pelican Bay Sellers and Buyers. For more information, please contact Lynn Wilber via e-mail at or call 239-594-2780.

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