Lambiance Clubhouse Remodeling Projects

Memorial Day is rapidly approaching…..have you found yourself wondering how fast this year seems to be passing by?  I sure have thought about how time has been flying by.  L’Ambiance almost seems as if it were a ghost town since most of our residents have headed back North.  Well, while the majority of residents are away….L’Ambiance projects are underway.

The remodeling of our clubhouse has begun.  I took these photos to show you the work that is being done.  The steam room in the men’s bathroom is still a work in progress.  The entire inside of the clubhouse will be repainted and the common area will be redone.  The Floor Exercise Room is being turned into a library.  Should you happen to be in town for the Memorial Day be aware that work is being done. Entry to workout room still waiting for repair








 Equipment is moved inside clubhouse







Workout room awaits a new carpet







Men's steam room still a work in progress!









New carpet laid in workout room







Exercise room put back together again and waiting for the walls to be painted.







On Monday, May 18th from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM the fire department will be checking out the fire alarms in buildings 100 – 1000.  The fire department will not need to gain access to the units.  Be aware that you may hear fire alarms going off intermittently during the inspection period.

What’s been happening with real estate in L’Ambiance?  Unfortunately not much.

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What’s been happening with real estate in L’Ambiance?  Unfortunately not much.  To view real estate activity in L’Ambiance, click on:

Many of the aquascapes in L’Ambiance have been turned off.  The reason this has happened is because our lake level is very low and we did not want our pumps to burn out.  The newspaper reported that since January 1st of this year, we have only received 1.39 INCHES of rain.  The good news is that we had a thunderstorm today!  I was so excited I actually ran outside to take a video of the dark clouds and thunder.

Should you be returning to L’Ambiance for the Memorial Day holiday, please keep in mind all the work that will be occurring during your stay.  Our lovely pool area and the beautiful beach in Pelican Bay will be waiting for you!

Should you be thinking of selling your home in L’Ambiance and would like a candid assessment of what it would take to sell your home in today’s market, I would be happy to provide you with a free market evaluation. Feel free to give me a call at 239-594-2780 or e-mail me at

Looking for a home in L’Ambiance?  Search here, once at the search page, you can search by development, save your search and new listing updates will be e-mailed to you.

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Lynn Wilber is a Real Estate Professional who lives in L’Ambiance in Pelican Bay.  Her 31 years of real estate experience and her area expertise have been valuable resources for Pelican Bay Sellers and Buyers.  For more information, please contact Lynn Wilber or call 239-594-2780.

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