LAmbiance Election Time is Here!

Lambiance wants YOUR vote!

L’Ambiance’s annual meeting is coming up on March 18, 2009 at 7:00 PM at the Hammock Oak Center , 8960 Hammock Oak Drive.  If you are in town and plan to attend, please bring your ballots and your proxy with you.

By now you should have received the ballots to vote for your L’Ambiance Board of  Directors and a proxy to vote for the rolling over of year end 2009 surplus funds, if any, to 2010.  Each unit owner in L’Ambiance is allowed a vote and it is important that all our residents send in their ballots and their proxies.

In order for your vote for Directors to count, you must carefully follow the directions in the packet that was sent to you from Eagle Property Management.  If you do not fill out the Ballot Return Envelope correctly, your vote will not count.  These votes must be mailed back and received by Eagle before our meeting on March 18th.

If you do not think that your ballot can be mailed back in enough time for the vote on March 18th, please call Eagle Property Management  at 239-596-5567 to find out how to cast your vote for your Directors.  Please do not put off voting.  It is important that all unit owners’ votes are counted.

An article appeared in the Naples Daily News by Rob Samouce last week entitled Appreciate your board of directors, say thank you.    This article discussed the jobs that condo Board of Directors are faced with accomplishing for their condo complexes.  Every person who has served as a L’Ambiance Board of Director has done so as a volunteer.  All our past and present Directors do deserve a HUGE thank you from all of us for all the time and effort they have put into making L’Ambiance the lovely community that it is today.  While all of us might not agree with all the Board’s decisions, we have to agree that our Directors have volunteered their time and energy to problem solve for our community.  I would personally like to thank everyone in L’Ambiance who has served on the Board of Directors and those who have served on our L’Ambiance committees.  Without these people, L’Ambiance would have issues that we do not have!  My thanks to all of you!

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4 Comments on “LAmbiance Election Time is Here!”

  1. Bert Stanley Says:

    We visit nples every year in February. Sorry now that we just found this blog. We’ll drop by for sure the next time we’re in Naples


  2. Dear Judith,

    In my opinion the issue that has caused Tom to run against Hal is the application form that is required by L’Ambiance for potential renters and buyers. Some potential tenants have refused to sign the form because of the personal information required. If you’d like to see a copy of this form, click on LAMBIANCE LEASE APPLICATION FORM.

    Tom Berry is running against your current Director, Hal Dynan. If you feel that this application form should be revised, you’d want to vote for Tom and also vote for Patrick Cannistra for Director at Large. Patrick is our current Director at Large.

    FYI – Lambiance allows one pet any size. If you are an original owner and had two pets, you would have been Grandfathered when the change was made. I hope this answers your questions.

    Lynn H. Wilber
    Downing Frye Realty, Inc.


  3. Judith Spiegel Says:

    Have received letters.but have no clue what the issues are…can someone explain?
    We have a unit-and will retire there in a few years..not used as a rental-but could be-have cats.and will retire there with them-I know that has been an issue….
    Would like to vote….
    Judith H Spiegel


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