Hurricane Ike and Lambiance Statistics

Hurricane Ike has been stirring up the Gulf waters.  Last night after work, Don and I were plummeted by the waves.  After sacrificing my Walgreens sunglasses to the Gods of the Gulf, I decided to leave Don in the waves and enjoy a glass of Chardonnay at the Sandpiper.  This is the lovely sunset I saw last night.

Sunset on September 12 2008 at the Sandpiper Beach in Pelican Bay








The shadow of a person walking on the beach is my wave friendly husband, Don.

Ike did come up with some wild waves over the last few days.

Waves from Ike at the Sandpiper Beach in Pelican Bay













I have spent the last couple of days calculating statistics.  You can view the L’Ambiance statistics by clicking on–>Lambiance Statistics  When you arrive at the L’Ambiance stats, you can click on the tabs at the bottom of the pages to see more detailed information.  Please remember that where you see high lighted text in this blog, you can click on that high lighted text and be taken to the information.  If you have trouble with the high lighted links, please let me know.

Here is a break down of all the ACTIVE, PENDING, and CLOSED SALES in L’Ambiance. Want to see photos and detailed information on all these listings?  When the new window opens, Just click on the ML# at the far right hand side of the page and you will be taken to a full information sheet about the listing.  If you click on the numbers under the photo, you will be taken to photos of that listing.  Please note that you will need Internet Explorer to view the active, pendings and closed sales.

How are sales in Pelican Bay?  Just click on………Pelican Bay September Statistics  to find out!  You’ll also be able to view some photos I snapped of Moor Hens trying to cross over to the duckweed.  Here’s a photo I snapped the other day while on my walk to the beach. 
Curious about the 10,532 active listings in Naples?  Want to read my take on what is happening in the general Naples real estate market?  Click here to view………Naples Statistics
I have recently added a new search feature on our L’Ambiance blog.  If you look on the right hand side of this blog under L’Ambiance Links, you will see a link that reads FIND A HOME IN NAPLES.  If you click on that link, you will be taken to a page where you can search any home that is on the market in Naples.   If you have a moment, please try playing with the home search, I would love to have some feed back on the ease of use……..or not.  On the right hand side of this blog, you will also see that I added a link that reads Beach Cam.  If you click on that link, you will be taken to the beach cam in Pelican Bay.
You will be happy to know that as of the end of September, all the aquascapes in L’Ambiance should be up and running!  Residents have missed their aquascapes as pump replacements were being decided.
On Thursday, September 18th, there will be a Board meeing at the clubhouse at 3:00 P.M.  Everyone is welcome to attend.
Hopefully we will see more of our L’Ambiance Owners returning soon.  Fall is just around the corner and Thanksgiving is a mere 75 days away!!!!!!!!!!!!
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