Tropical Storm Fay Fizzles!!!!!!!!!!

 Tropical Storm Fay arrived in Collier County around 5:00 AM.  
View of Lambiance Circle

View of Lambiance Circle

The National Weather Service reported that she was a tropical storm when she landed just near Cape Romano just South of Marco Island.  It is reported that this was the same area Wilma touched down in 2005.  The Naples Daily News reported that 28,000 people in Collier County are with out power.  I have bookmarked the full Naples Daily News article for you to read.  On the right hand side of this page you will see a link to, just click on that word and you will be taken to the news article.  Storm surge of 3 -5  feet could be a problem for some parts of Collier County.  L’Ambiance varies from 12.5 feet above sea level to about 14 feet above sea level.

I am thrilled to report that we have power in L’Ambiance and all is well so far.  For the first time in MONTHS our lake is actually filled!

Lake Levels in Lambiance after Tropical Storm Fay
Lake Levels in Lambiance after Tropical Storm Fay

Seawall Level Across From the Lambiance Pool

Yesterday morning I was out showing properties.  By the time I finished showing, Don had put up most of our hurricane shutters and was waiting to see how the storm progressed before he put up the rest of our shutters.  After showing, I hauled out my personal hurricane checklist and headed out to supplement our canned goods.  I finished doing any laundry around the house; just in case we didn’t have water.  Dinner last night was defrosted Costco beef tenderloin steaks that we grilled because just in case we lost power I was NOT going to lose the joy of eating those steaks.  I made sure to turn on the dishwasher so that……just in case…….we had no water my dishes would be clean.   Was I stressed?  You bet I was!

One important item on my personal hurricane checklist is to make coffee and put it in a thermos for early morning hurricanes.  I will never forget the site of my brother James trying to heat water for instant coffee in a single egg poaching pot over a candle after Wilma.  Poor James he came to Naples for vacation a few days before Wilma and all he did was help Don prepare for the hurricane.  If it wasn’t for the foresight and graciousness of our upstairs neighbor, Gloria Neglia, we never would have had coffee that morning.

To see a short video of Lambiance after the storm click on the words Tropical Storm Fay.  Make sure you have your speakers on so you can hear how the wind sounds.

Keep in mind that when Fay landed she was a few miles per hour short of a Hurricane One.  I know I harp about putting away your patio furniture and flower pots before you leave your residence.  Until you have experienced getting ready for a hurricane, you can only imagine the stress you experience getting your own unit prepared for the storm.  We were lucky that Fay fizzled.  Those double rainbows were a good sign for L’Ambiance!

Keep in mind that you can bookmark this site to your favorites on your computer and check back for L’Ambiance updates and information.  This site can also be accessed from my website at under Lambiance Blog.  You can also scroll down the right hand side of this site and under the heading META you can click on the ENTRIES RSS and have the updates delivered to your computer.  You can also e-mail me directly at with your e-mail address and I will send you and e-mail when this site is updated.  I keep everyone’s e-mail private.  I know what it is like to receive unwanted e-mail.  Any suggestions or comments to improve this site are always welcome.

Remember, if you are thinking of selling your L’Ambiance unit or know of someone who is looking to buy in the Naples area, I would be happy to help!

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