L’Ambiance June 2008 News

Summer has brought quiet times to L’Ambiance.  While our Gulf water temperatures are hovering around 90 degrees, there are fewer residents in Pelican Bay and the beach has seen a lot less traffic.  Within the last two weeks, I have also seen a bit of a slow down in real estate.  During this slower time I have been busy working on my Naples web site, NaplesWave.com. I have added all sorts of additional pages to the site with information on Naples and Pelican Bay.  If you have a chance, please take a look at the site and let me know what you think.  I am also still working on improving this blog site for L’Ambiance residents.  I have provided some of the same links that our on our L’Ambiance site along the side of the page.

I also have been working on posting my listings to YouTube.  This is the first L’Ambiance listing that I video taped and edited.

The L’Ambiance Statistics as of June 19, 2008 show that we have 11 active listings on the market.  Since the beginning of the year, we have had 4 closed sales.  Two of those sales were in the Coach Homes, which have kept the average sale price of L’Ambiance up.  The two sales that took place in the Garden Homes were for $565,000.00 and $557,500.00.  Of the 11 active listings currently on the market, only three of them are Coach Homes.  60% of all L’Ambiance listings are failing to sell, while 58% of all the low rise condos in Pelican Bay are failing to sell.  At the end of 2007, 71% of all low rises were failing to sell.  I believe that this number has improved because some seller decided to bring their asking prices closer to market price and some buyers are finally beginning to recognize that they should make a buying decision.  I have complied all the statistics for Pelican Bay at Pelican Bay Statistics.

Many sellers talk about the wonderful location L’Ambiance has not only to the beach but also to nearby shopping and amenities.  L’Ambiance’s location is one huge reason that my husband and I purchased in L’Ambiance.  Today’s market takes location into account but price is still the key.  I have discussed location and pricing in my blog entry Strip Joints and Selling Houses. 

The L’Ambiance Board has been busy attempting to find a solution to our aquascape issues.  Lambiance\'s Board works to find a solution for less problematic pumps!At this point in time there are currently 5 pumps that are not in operation.  Our Board is exploring  a new pump system that will be less problematic than the current ones we have.  Our Decorating Committee recently brought their suggestions to the Board for redecorating our clubhouse.  Our Board could not agree on the Commitee’s recomendation and has requested that alternative plans be explored.

L’Ambiance’s Compliance Committee has been established to hear formal complaints and proposed Notices of Intent to Fine for alleged violations of L’Ambiance’s Rules, Regulations and Use Restrictions.  Three member residents have been appointed by our Board to serve of this committee.  Any owner who is brought before this committee will be given notice of the hearing, evidence to support the alleged violation, and be allowed to be heard with remarks and evidence in their favor.  One such hearing was held recently for a noise nuisance.  The Committee recommended to the Board that the fine be upheld.  The owner was subsequently fined $100.00 for the violation.

We are continuing the monument lighting project at Hammock Oak and Oakmont corner locations on Pelican Bay Blvd.  The new lighting should be complete before residents return for the season.

You can see from the Pelican Bay statistics that there have been only 32 Low Rises Sales in Pelican Bay since the beginning of the year.  19 of those sales are in low rises with the same type of rental policy that L’Ambiance has.   That is over 50% of all the sales!  L’Ambiances three times a year, minimum 30 day rental policy has helped hold our home values. 

Naples Statistics show that prices in both single family homes and condominiums have decreased. 

Please have a safe and happy 4th of July.  I hope to see some of you returning to L’Ambiance for the holiday to enjoy some of our L’Ambiance local color!


Lambiance Local Color




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