Headed Back North?

Our Northern L’Ambiance neighbors have started leaving L’Ambiance.  Before you leave L’Ambiance, you should prepare your residence for your absence.  The Naples Daily News has a great article on getting your place together before you leave.

One huge thing you should do before you leave is turn off your hot water heater and turn off your main water valve.  Living up North people are always concerned about their heat going out and their pipes freezing and bursting.  Even though we live in Paradise, water pipes can still break and cause untold problems. 

I have mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again.  Some of the units in L’Ambiance are 13 years old.  We are approaching the time where we all should be replacing our hot water tanks.  If your hot water tank is the original, you may want to consider having it replaced before you have a problem.  You can not even begin to imagine how quickly mold can spread and how much it will cost you to mitigate the mold.  I have recently had up close and personal experience with mold in two of my listings.  Believe me when I say it is much better to take care of the problem BEFORE it happens.

If you are still in town, the Pelican Bay Foundation annual meeting will be held on April 7th at 10:00 AM in the Community Center.  You may want to attend.

Do you have Comcast High speed Internet and/or digital plus service?  If you do, you are eligible to claim a rebate April 1-15th.  Click on Comcast Rebate Program to learn what you need to do to obtain this rebate.

To our L’Ambiance neighbors who are leaving Naples, I wish them a safe trip home.  To our neighbors who are already back North, I wish you a pleasant spring and warm summer.  May you return to L’Ambiance soon.

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